The CRDV & CRDV/S are a unique and efficient way to remove unwanted water from modern industrial pneumatic systems. The age-old problem of condensation in compressed air systems has plagued those using tools and machinery since the invention of the first compressors.


The versatile Condensation Removal Drain Valves can help remove water from any one of the points along your air system. CRDV and

the CRDV/S are made up of two main components, timer and valve.

The timers use electricity to accurately delay and recycle an

electrical impulse.

The solenoid valve converts the elec­trical impulse into mechanical motion to control the flow of air and condensate out of the air system. We offer just the right fit for your particular application.


The basic premises of both the CRDV and CRDV/S, is the modularity.  We are able to offer the user a higher degree of customization as well as serviceabil¬≠ity with our separate, but interchangeable components.  We offer the users the most versatile combination of timing and flow capacities in the industry today, and is proudly made in the USA.